Dec. 21, 2020

The Minority Leaders Podcast featuring Na'ilah Amaru, Advocacy & Policy Strategist

The Minority Leaders Podcast featuring Na'ilah Amaru, Advocacy & Policy Strategist

Dear listeners,

Thank you for sticking with us these past four months!  We are truly grateful for this incredible bonding experience with fellow women of color leaders.  The surprising success of this podcast makes clear just how formidable we are when we come together to harness the full power of our unique and beautiful space in this world. 

Episode 10 of the Minority Leaders Podcast features Na’ilah Amaru, an Iraq war veteran, former community organizer, 2016 Democratic National Convention Presidential Nomination speaker, and nationally recognized advocacy and policy strategist with a 20-year record of incredible social impact. Na'ilah was a 2020 finalist for our podcast sponsor Women in Government Relations' Advocate of the Year award, which is how we first connected.   A fierce advocate for building grassroots governing power among underserved populations, women, and BIPoC communities, Na’ilah has spearheaded transformational campaigns and commanded highly visible, demanding roles in both non-profit and government arenas.

During our discussion, Na’ilah shares with me her experience as a black and indigenous woman in politics and policymaking. She discusses why she hated working on Capitol Hill--- a job most young politicos only dream of--- and what truly sets her soul on fire. Na’ilah's advice to the next generation of women of color advocates is profound, illuminating, and deeply inspirational. 

I hope you enjoy this episode of The Minority Leaders as much as I do. 

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Happy Holidays, my friends. 

CHEERS to 2021!!


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