Nov. 26, 2020

The Minority Leaders, featuring Indira Ahluwalia, Founder and President, KAUR Strategies LLC

The Minority Leaders, featuring Indira Ahluwalia, Founder and President, KAUR Strategies LLC
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Episode 9 of  The Minority Leaders features Indira Ahluwalia, author, and Founder and President of KAUR Strategies, LLC, a firm that provides coaching, strategic, and advisory services to executives and emerging leaders in mission driven organizations. 

Indira has worked in sustainable development for nearly two decades, and previously founded Development & Training Services, Inc. (dTS) to promote equality, accountability, and sustainability in international development. With work in 90 countries in gender, social inclusion, and monitoring and evaluation, dTS was named the Small Business of the Year in 2014 by the USAID. The firm was acquired by Palladium in 2015.  A Sikh woman who migrated to the United States from India in 1984, Indira shares her unique perspective on social and economic development initiatives around the world. In this episode, she discusses her views on the role that identity should play in program design for international development and the challenges and opportunities she has encountered along her career journey. 

Indira also discusses her upcoming book, Fast Forward to Hope, the story of her journey from fear to hope after her 2007 diagnosis of advanced breast cancer with extensive bone metastasis.

Episode 9 is as much about survival, gratitude, and learning to live life with intentionality, as it is about Indira’s career advancing community centered sustainable development and social justice. It is inspirational and even nurturing, in a way.  Indira's story of experiencing life in the shadow of death, and the process of going from surviving to living is truly a gift.   

So to thank you, my loyal listeners, on this most unusual Thanksgiving Day and 2020 holiday season, I share the gift of this deeply intimate and inspiring conversation with the incomparable Indira Ahluhwalia.

Please share this very special episode with someone in your life who needs a bit of hope this 2020 holiday season. Indira Ahluhwalia’s full bio can be found here. Follow her on LinkedIn.

With gratitude and inspiration,

Algene Sajery
Creator and Host, The Minority Leaders Podcast
Founder & CEO, Catalyst Global Strategies


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