March 14, 2021

A Conversation with Erika West, The Raben Group

A Conversation with Erika West, The Raben Group
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Happy Women's History Month, listeners!  March is also my birthday month and this episode was definitely the perfect  gift! 

This episode features my girl Erika West, principal at The Raben Group. Erika and I have  been friends since our days at Howard University. Ya'll already know the Real HU produces #BlackExcellence, and Erika is a shining example of that! 

A wise and humble social impact strategist, Erika drops serious knowledge on the roles and perspectives of black and brown people in the reproductive- and environmental- justice movements. I thought I was fairly #woke, but Erika woke me all the way up in this episode!   There is a disarming wisdom in the way she conveys the perspectives of people of color leading social impact movements. And she has sage advice for the climate / environmental philanthropic community (hint, hint). 

Erika's understated yet powerful ability to lead from behind reminds the next generation of Minority Leaders that they don’t have to run around with a bullhorn to impactful. Writers, organizers, lawyers, canvassers,  strategists, and other 'doers',  are also change-makers. 

My favorite current mommy-to-be also talks about why her social impact work is even more urgent than ever, and the important roles her mom and sister play in her life. I can't think of a better episode to than this to honor Women's History Month!

Tune in! 
You can find Erika on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.  Also check out The Raben Group on Twitter and Facebook.

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