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A Conversation with Kendra Brown, Director of Public Policy, Mastercard

Jan. 30, 2021

Dear listeners— Thanks for your patience. It has been over a month since our last episode aired, as life and career changes had me sidelined for a bit. I’m excited to return with an episode featuring one of the most authenti…

Guest: Kendra Brown
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A Conversation with Jotaka Eaddy, founder & CEO Full Circle Strategies and Chief Organizer of the Win with Black Women Collective

Jan. 30, 2021

Dear Listeners, During this very moving episode, I interview my Soror Jotaka Eaddy, founder & CEO of Full Circle Strategies, and Chief Organizer of the Win with Black Women Collective (WWBW). I am one of Jotaka's biggest fan…

Guest: Jotaka Eaddy
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A Conversation with Waikinya J.S. Clanton, Senior Advisor, Democratic National Committee

Oct. 24, 2020

In episode 8, host Algene Sajery speaks with Waikinya Clanton, Senior Advisor to the Chairman of the Democratic National Committee, President and CEO of WJSC Enterprises, LLC., creator and host of the web show for women, Pol…

Guest: Jotaka Eaddy